Getting Stuck in your own story

As we pursue any goal in life, it’s easy to listen to the stories of others and see ourselves in our own hero’s journey.  We reflect the experiences of others and their individual timelines onto our own story, which can lead to disillusionment and self-deceit. We see in their story a linear, clear cut path, while it seems like ours is constantly weaving and branching. They’ve made a seemingly excellent set of choices over time which led to success, while we feel like we have a hundred choices each day and have no idea which ones are best. Is it healthy to perceive other’s lives like this?

This episode was recorded at Flynncon, a passive income and marketing convention done by Patt Flynn. Buzzsprout (who does our podcast hosting) graciously helped us put it together in their popup recording booth during a coffee break. If you want to start a podcast see below.

Other things discussed in this episode:

The Beatles

Steve Jobs (Check out his biography here)

Letting go of the Ego (a great read on this topic is Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday)

Midnight in Paris, the movie.

Buzzsprout is great if you are looking for an easy-to-use software to host and distribute your podcast. If you click here and sign up you will get a $20 Amazon card!

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