Dungeons & Dragons & Autism

Episode 5 of the Sherwin Brothers Show is all about Dungeons and Dragons, which Austin started playing recently, and Tyler has played for several years.  

While mostly thought of as a fantasy game for the exceptionally nerdy, Dungeons and Dragons has seen a surge in recent popularity thanks to the television show Stranger Things.  It is also being used to help kids with Autism develop social skills, friendships, and social awareness!

Listen to the episode and let us know your thoughts here or on instagram.

If you want to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, we recommend getting the Essentials box set here: https://amzn.to/2O5pX1M

The Dragon Talk Episode with Dr. Boccamazzo:


Find more information about Aspiring Youth (D & D Groups for kids with Autism) here:


D & D Groups for Autism in Nova Scotia:


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