dating in the social media world

Dating in the modern world brings its own intricacies- such as learning all about your date before you even meet them.  For example, Tyler recently met a girl on Tinder who then instagram stalked him and learned he had a podcast, through which she could learn a lot of vulnerable things bout him without ever meeting him in person…

In this episode we go into social media dating, dating apps, the struggles, and the pros and cons of being so connected while searching for a mate.

This was also the first time we live-stream-recorded the Sherwin Brother Show, and we’d like to thank @grizzlybarrus and @martelethan for their input and participation.  Follow us on instagram and youtube to find out when the next episode will be recorded so you can chime in and participate! 

Items touched on in this episode included

How I Met Your Mother –

Modern Romance by Asiz Ansari –

The Tinder Dating App, naturally.

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