Best Books

While consuming books via audible is one of my favorite hobbies, there are some pillar books to which I return to about every one to two years just to let their life changing principles sink a little deeper into my soul. This ever growing and changing list contains those books.

If you have a book you think deserves a place on this list, I would love to hear about it! Leave a comment or dm me on instagram.

[These are in no particular order, by the way, and new additions are added to the top rather than the bottom].

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
My daily go to.  I can’t count the number of times when I have found a profound, instantly applicable, reassuring and re-aligning passage in this small, centuries old journal.  I consume Meditations slowly and repeatedly, just a few pages at a time, a little bit each day.  This, in combination with emails from the Daily Stoic help remind me what truly matters and how I can best conduct and direct my daily life.

Atomic Habits by James Clear
Habits are the foundation of everything we do, from when and how we wake up, to how we treat others and respond to stress. As Clear states in his book, whether you like or realize it, you already function day to day thanks to your habits.  This straight-forward, no fluff book helped me implement such impactful changes my first time through that it instantly earned its place on the A list, and I now go back to it once every year or two.

12 Rules for Life Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B Peterson
If you want to go deep into the human condition, modern psyche, motivation, success, and how to overcome your personal psychological battles this book is for you. This and Sapiens are so far ranked as the most deep and direct books I’ve ever come across.  I prefer this to Sapiens because it not only expounds on the topics of humanity, evolution, and good and evil, it informs you what to do about it, and how to change your life.

Sapeins: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
The fascinating and introspective tale of humanity, what it means to be human, and why.  Harari’s knowledge of humankind from its evolution to our modern social constructs and psyche is astounding.  If only to better understand the history of our species, and where the society we live in comes from, this is worth reading.

The Book of Mormon
Since my youth I have read this book repeatedly.  The eternal principles which it teaches about God, Christ, and where this is all headed are of infinite worth. I get new insights into how I can better conduct my life each time I read through it. I am a strong believer in the power of God and Jesus Christ thanks to this book.

Anti-Fragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
I recommend this book to everyone I meet primarily for it’s flip-your-modern-philosophy on it’s head, and start seeing everything from medicine, finance, politics and religion in a freshly new old-fashioned light, much of which our society has forgotten.  It is a paradigm shifting foray into just about everything under the sun, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin
Josh Waitzkin’s wisdom on learning and performing optimally beautifully blends of eastern thinking of the Tao Te Ching and Tai Chi Chuan world champion with the finesse and scope of a grandmaster chess player.  As a student of wing chun kung fu, and a lover of strategy games, this book is a staple re-read to help me better understand the applications of patience, subtlety, and perseverance.

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday walks you through each phase of accomplishment: aspiration, achievement and failure, and discusses how your ego is your enemy every step of the way.  I listen to this book at least once per year just to keep myself in check, and perspective on the goals, failures, and accomplishments I am currently experiencing.

The Alchemist: a Fable About Following Your Dreams by Paulo Coelho
A simple and profound fable that teaches the principles behind discovering, working towards, and obtaining one’s dreams.  This short read transcends age and experience, and writes itself on your heart in such an endearing way that you want to share it with everyone.

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