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The Book-Per-Week Goal

I have a goal to read 50 books each year (approximately one per week). The amount of information, wisdom, and useful advice I’ve gotten from books is invaluable and has significantly improved every aspect of my life, social interactions and business savvy. Books are a way to maximize your time, enjoyment, and effectiveness in the short stint that we all have on this beautiful rock floating in space.

Between working a full time job, filming/editing for my YouTube channel, the podcast, and writing for A Lot a Bit of Everything, I have found that reading books is an unrealistic method of reaching my book-per-week-goal. Enter the glorious format of the audiobook.  Audiobooks are obviously nothing new- I remember listening to the Harry Potter books on tape on family road trips as a kid. But with the combination of phone apps, wireless earbuds, and some daily commute time my goal of consuming 50 books has become a cinch.

Why I Love Audible

There are several channels that people use to access audiobooks, but Audible is my favorite and here’s why:  Audible is the best way to actually buy and own audiobooks. I have friends that use public-library-like apps that allow you to checkout one book at a time and return it, but there are a few reasons this doesn’t work for me: 

First and foremost, is the wait time.  Just like waiting for a book to be checked back in at your public library, most of these apps only have so many copies of a given book available, and they make you wait until a copy is available before you can access it.

Second, you don’t own the book.  Most of the books on my A-List I have listened to several times, some of them I even go back to once per year. Having my own copy of the book allows me to download and listen to a book again and again, and I love that I have now collected a library of hundreds of books, right at my fingertips! (I especially enjoy the fact that I don’t have to carry them around in paper form, or wait for them to become available again!) 

Now, the bummer about Audible is that it is not the cheapest option.  The 1-credit per month plan is currently about $15 per month and two credits is $23. (One credit = one audiobook).

The Hack to Make Audible Affordable (and Read a Book Each Week)

Now, the bummer about Audible is that it is not the cheapest option.  The 1-credit per month plan is currently about $15 per month and two credits is $23. (One credit = one audiobook).

After a couple years of regular Audible use, I’ve figured out a hack that makes Audible super affordable, and it’s SUPER SIMPLE. Here’s the method:

1. Start keeping an active list of all the books you want to read or that get recommended to you.

  I keep a google note that looks like this➡️ (Emoji code explained below🙂)

The google note is extremely helpful for when someone recommends a book, I can simply search my notes to see if I already have it on my list or not to avoid wasting time double adding books to the list.

2. Add all of these books to your Audible Wishlist

  Once I have added a book to my wishlist I put a headphone emoji by it to keep track of what’s been added.🎧, the book emoji 📖 means it wasn’t available on Audible (in which case I get it on Kindle or Google Play) I then go back and add a check mark after I’ve listened to the book

3. Regularly check your emails for promotional emails from Audible looking for 2 for 1 sales:

This is the magical secret!  Audible does 2 for 1 sales almost every single month, and the best part is they TELL you when something on your wishlist is for sale!  You may have to stay on top of checking the promotions folder of your inbox, as they often get sent there, but as you add all the books you want to get, Audilbe makes it really easy to get the books you want to read for half of the regular price.

I do the 2 credit per month plan, and this allows me to get 4 books to listen to every month using the 2 for 1 sales! (Cost per book ~$5.83

4. Enjoy your books and review your list quarterly to make sure any new books are on your wishlist.

About once per quarter I review my list, clean it up and update the books I’ve read, and the ones I have or haven’t added to my Audible wishlist.  

When someone recommends a book to me I try my best to both add it to my wishlist in Audible, and add it to the google note, just to make sure I don’t forget about it.  

One Last Audible Hack

One last hack : I listen to books on 1.25 speed to get through them faster (unless they are fantasy books with great narration like Harry Potter read by Jim Dale, or any Neil Gaiman book read by Neil himself).

Your first audiobook on Audible is free!  Sign up to finally start consuming all those great books you’ve been wanting to read here:

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