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Welcome to the brainchild of the Sherwin Brothers – homo sapiens, life enthusiasts, creators and explorers.

What is this site about?  Well anything! And everything! And a lot of it.  It is essentially a result of our never ending forays into whatever hobby, interest, cause, book, board game, business, language or lifehack catches our interests, and our desire to write, share and engage with those who share those interets.

We hope you find something useful, helpful, meaningful, entertaining and maybe even life-changing here.  

This site, and a portion of our IRA’s are funded via affiliate links on this site, mostly as an Amazon and Audible Associate.  We earn money from qualifying purchases you make after clicking links on this site, but don’t worry it is at no expense to you!

You can reach us via his social media on Instagram: @sherwinbrothersshow