Adult Prom (The Band!) Interview with Ethan and Russell

Ethan and Russell of the up and coming band Adult Prom (@adultprom on Instagram) grace us with their presence and let us dig into their backstory, musical influences, and plans for their upcoming album!  

This is by far the longest and most varied show we’ve done so far, so we may have missed some links, but here are *most* of the things referenced in this show, roughly in order:

Hear Russell’s acoustic solo version of I Adore You at 41:20

Music & Artists:
Mac Demarco
Juke Box Hero
Dad Bod
Christmas Chillhop mix
Japanese City Mix
Post Malone
The Backseat Lovers
The National
LCD Soundsystem
Arcade Fire
Talking Heads
Book on Tapeworm
Willy Nelson

The Shining
The Phantom of the Opera
2001 Space Odyssey
Fist Full of Dollars
Royal Tenenbaums
The Room
The Big Lebowski
Hateful Eight
The Thing

Other Topics Discussed: Commercial Space Race, Louis L’amour, Lost Cosmonauts, Dying in Space, European Vegas video, Rickenbacker Basses, Fender Stratocaster Guitars, Martin Guitars

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